Trump ‘evolving’ on climate action, pressured by Europeans

FOX News TAORMINA, Italy –  Forceful face-to-face talks this week with fellow world leaders left President Donald Trump “more knowledgeable” and with “evolving” views about the global climate accord he’s threatened to abandon, a top White House official said Friday. Trump also was impressed by their arguments about how crucial […]

Donald Trump, Pope Francis Meet, Vow to Fight for ‘Life, Freedom of Worship’

The Christian Post President Donald Trump and Roman Catholic Church leader Pope Francis met on Wednesday at the Vatican where they spoke for 30 minutes in private, and vowed to fight together for life, peace, and freedom of worship. “Honor of a lifetime to meet His Holiness Pope Francis. I […]

Brown: Trump will come around on climate change

Carla Marinucci Politico SAN FRANCISCO — California Gov. Jerry Brown, one of the Democratic Party’s most outspoken critics of Republican climate change policy, said Wednesday he now believes that President Donald Trump is a political “realist” who will likely listen to what Pope Francis, China and other world leaders are […]

Immigration, religious liberty and synod on agenda for bishops’ meeting

Rhina Guidos Crux The agenda is set for the U.S. bishop’s spring assembly June 14-15 in Indianapolis. At the meeting the bishops will cover a vast array of issues spanning from immigration to the persecution of Christians in the Middle East, as well as the upcoming Synod of Bishops on […]

Diesel fumes’ nanoparticles cause heart disease by just BREATHING polluted city air

S.D. Wells NaturalNews Similar to how cigarette smokers suffer health consequences from the toxins that are carried into the lungs on particles of tobacco, a recent study has shown that tiny nanoparticles carry black carbon diesel fumes into the lungs of people who are exposed to them. Diesel fumes, commonly pushed into […]

Man-made ocean pollution has severely affected the immune systems of wild dolphins, researchers claim

Frances Bloomfield NaturalNews Once thought to be healthier than their captive cousins, wild dolphins have begun showing signs of compromised immune systems. Researchers have pinpointed ocean pollution and contamination as the main causes of this startling discovery. For the purposes of their study, researchers studied and compared four groups of […]