Atheism and Humanism: Senator’s comments on Sunday Blue Law vote raises eyebrows

Valley News Live FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) The bi-partisan bill to repeal North Dakota‘s blue laws failed earlier this week in the senate by just 3 votes. But what’s drawing new attention is the comments made by some senators regarding religion and their justification for voting against the repeal. […]

Senate to tackle Sunday Blue Laws

Source There is no clear consensus on whether people here prefer to shop on Sunday mornings, further muddying the political waters as state legislators determine whether to repeal the long-standing “Blue Laws” that require North Dakota retailers to be closed until 12 p.m. Sundays. If enacted, HB 1163 gives businessmen […]

As of March 2017, CESI has acceded to the European Sunday Alliance, a broad stakeholder coalition on decent working hours and work-life balance.

CESI The European Sunday Alliance is a large network of national and European-level trade unions, civil society organizations and religious communities committed to raise awareness of the unique value of decent working hours in European societies. It joins forces with committed MEPs and offers a platform for exchange and discussion.

Catholic Church Wants to Ban Working on Sunday

Total Croatia News Another initiative from the Croatian Bishops’ Conference. The Croatian Bishops’ Conference (HBK) has again launched an initiative to legally forbid working on Sunday. It called on Croatian citizens to support the initiative and contribute to the preservation of Sunday in its historical meaning, as a non-working day […]

A Sabbath for the Earth and the Poor: The Challenge of Pope Francis

Colomban Missionaries Britian The National Justice & Peace Network of England & Wales annual conference will be held 21-23 July and is entitled: ‘A Sabbath for the Earth and the Poor: The challenge of Pope Francis.’ It is being organised by NJPN in partnership with Church Action on Poverty, CAFOD, […]