‘I won’t forget what you said,’ Trump tells pope after meeting at Vatican

Gerald O’Connell America Magazine President Donald Trump and Pope Francis, two leaders with contrasting styles and differing worldviews, met at the Vatican City on Wednesday, setting aside their previous clashes to broadcast a tone of peace for an audience around the globe. Mr. Trump, midway through his grueling nine-day maiden international journey, […]

Why the 500th Jubilee of the Reformation is significant for Catholics

Note: This was an op-ed that was placed on the CRUX Website, being reposted here to show their thoughts on the Protestant Reformation. Joyce Ann Zimmerman CRUX [The following is paid advertising from the Sisters of the Precious Blood.] On October 31, 2017, the Christian world will celebrate the 500th […]

Hundreds of Evangelicals to Share Word of God With Catholics at Massive Fátima Event

Stoyan Zaimov The Christian Post Hundreds of  Portuguese evangelicals are reportedly planning to engage with Roman Catholics at the massive Fátima two-day event, where Pope Francis is set to canonize two shepherd children who 100 years ago claimed to have seen the Virgin Mary. Evangelical Focus reported on Friday that Francis is […]

Adventists and Muslims Meet for Learning and Fellowship

Sarah McDugal Adventist Review Adventists and Muslims from all over the San Diego area in California, United States, recently gathered at El Cajon Seventh-day Adventist Church for “One San Diego,” a day of mutual learning and fellowship. The day was the brainchild of Richard Smith, pastor of El Cajon church, […]

Donald Trump hoping to use first foreign trip to unite religions against extremism

Ruth Sherlock The Telegraph Donald Trump will travel to Saudi Arabia, Israel and the Vatican later this month on a mission to unite three of the world’s most prominent religions against intolerance, terrorism and Iran. Speaking from the Rose Garden during an event dedicated to religious liberties, Mr Trump said he […]

“The only fanaticism believers can have is that of charity! ˮ

The Pope’s Mass at the Air Defense Stadium in Cairo: “Any other fanaticism does not come from God and is not pleasing to him! The more we grow in faith and knowledge, the more we grow in humility and in the awareness of our littleness” Andrea Tornielli Vatican Insider “The […]