Observers worried that “nuclear chain reaction” could still occur at Fukushima… cleanup could take 100 years or more

Jayson Veley NaturalNews On March 11, 2011, terror struck northeastern Japan in the form of a massive magnitude-9 earthquake, which in turn unleashed a devastating tsunami that wiped out virtually everything in the city of Sukuiso. The effects of the earthquake were felt around the entire world, and even years […]

Climate change proponents ridiculously believe the Earth was a calm, peaceful planet until humans started burning fossil fuels

Vicki Batts NaturalNews Researchers from Stanford University are doing their best to find a link between extreme weather events and climate change, but is it all for naught? While these researchers are admittedly conservative with their efforts, they are at least somewhat echoing the rhetoric that events like tornadoes are […]

International tribunal finds Monsanto guilty of crimes against humanity

Vicki Batts NaturalNews Is Monsanto, the corporate scourge of the Earth, finally going to pay for its crimes? If the International Monsanto Tribunal has any say in the matter, the answer to that question appears to be an emphatic “Yes.” The tribunal, based in Hague, Netherlands, describes itself as “an […]

Texas police officer charged with murder after killing a black 15-year-old when he fired on a car of teenagers leaving a party

Washington Post An arrest warrant was issued for Roy Oliver, who has since been fired from the Balch Springs Police Department in suburban Dallas, in the death of 15-year-old Jordan Edwards last weekend. The Dallas County Sheriff’s Office cited evidence suggesting Oliver “intended to cause serious bodily injury and commit […]

Miami Judge Says Compelling Password Production Isn’t A Fifth Amendment Issue

TechDirt Another small dart has been lodged in the thigh of the Fifth Amendment by the courts. A Miami, FL federal judge has ruled that defendants in a sex video extortion case must turn over their phones’ passwords. In a case being closely watched in legal and tech circles, Miami-Dade […]

Pope Francis offers to act as mediator in Venezuelan conflict

AFP Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Sunday welcomed an offer by Pope Francis for Vatican mediation in the crisis-torn country but opposition leaders rebuffed the overture. The pope’s call for a “negotiated solution” came in response to waves of protests by Venezuelans demanding new elections to pull the country out […]