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The pope sent a message of support to the UN conference that seeks to ban and definitively eliminate nuclear weapons. It is a conference that the United States, the United Kingdom and France have refused to attend.
“In this time, when several countries have entrenched themselves thinking that their future depends on force, and not on collaboration and solidarity with others, the danger of an arms race, especially a race against nuclear arms, removes the necessary resources for education, health and community development.”
In his message, the pope says that peace and stability cannot rely on the threat of mutual destruction.
Silvano Tomasi, who was the pope’s nuncio to UN agencies in Geneva, explains the position of the Holy See.
“When these weapons are used, soldiers and innocent civilians are injured indiscriminately. That is why they are always unacceptable.”
The conference concludes this week in New York, but will continue again in mid-June. Its proposal is to outline prohibitions and binding obligations to achieve a world without nuclear weapons.

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