(1) Regarding Juicing: It is not necessary to juice everyday, unless you are sick and/or on a cleansing program for a specified time. Secondly, you may try the juice recipe without ginger. If you feel nauseous, you may add 1/2 inch of ginger to your recipe. Ginger is a spice and should be used sparingly and medicinally. Thirdly, you may try the juice recipe without the granny smith apple. The apple is not just for flavor, it aids in the digestion of the high chlorophyl content.

(2) Regarding GMO: Corn, wheat, soy beans top the list of GMO foods. Corn and wheat are used interchangeably in many places of scripture. The GMO foods is more than agenda, hidden under the cloak of “feeding the world.”

(3) Lastly, try to eat foods in their natural state. Stay away from canned foods as much as possible. Remember to be temperate in all things.​

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